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The Wilde Custom Gear Universal Pistol Holster RMR Cut Out fits medium and full size pistols with, or without, rail mounted lights and slide mounted optics. The Wilde Custom Gear Universal Pistol Holster RMR Cut Out is fully adjustable using a wrap design that secures your pistol and provides a customized fit.  It also features a cut out and hood at the top of the spine to accommodate slide mounted pistol optics.

The Wilde Custom Gear Universal Pistol Holster RMR Cut Out is made from 1000D Cordura Nylon outer, with closed cell foam padding and stiffener inside to keep it's shape for easy reholstering.

The thumb break snap is fully adjustable allowing for the perfect fit and retention.

The Wilde Custom Gear Universal Pistol Holster RMR Cut Out features MOLLE backing and attaches with two Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (included) for direct MOLLE attachment.

100% Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Benton

Inexpensive adjustable solution to the Molle holster with an Optic and Light……….

Wesley Hill
Perhaps the only true "battle ready" nylon holster left

Nylon holsters have fallen out of vogue but still have their niche uses. Unfortunately this means most real tactical gear manufacturers don't make them anymore. The only ones available are usually cheap "Chineseum" grade holsters only meant for cosplaying.

This holster is not that. This holster made by Wilde-CG is sturdy and well constructed. You can feel the holster and just know that it was actually built for combat. Unlike the cheap nylon holster I bought off Amazon that I wouldn't trust to hold my Skittles securely.

So great work, Wilde. This is another product I'm impressed with and I'm sure will last a long time.


very good. wish the button was on the other side but easy to get used to.

The Universal Holster

This design is perfect for pistols with under barrel lights. I plan on buying another one! Great Work Guys!

Steven Hanson
As good as it gets

Perfect fit for my Glock 19x with SurefireX300. To give measurement perspective the X300 is flush with the end of the holster, and G19 muzzle is set back accordingly. After you adjust all the components for your specific firearm and optic/wml set up, this holster is rock solid battle ready. As a former Deputy Sheriff where our options were Leather or Cordura, I still run better set ups with this style of holster over kydex. I have already purchased another (of this) holster for a Walther PDP w/TLR7 and fits perfect.
My suggestion is get one while you can because nylon is dying to kydex which is a shame, because this holster will last a lifetime with real manual retention unlike plastic pancake/taco kydex holsters.
Final thoughts after rant:
This holster fits compact to full size pistols with or without weapon mounted lights. Fits Holosun SCS optic (cannot confirm any other). Holster is adjustable where the user sets retention.
6/5 People have a problem with fractions.