Laser Cut Glow In the Dark Patch - Reaper

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Wilde Custom Gear presents our Laser Cut Glow in the Dark Patch series just in time for Halloween!  We use Milspec 1000d Cordura to laser cut the Reaper. We use a super bright photoluminscent product behind it for the glow in the dark feature.  Both green and blue glow available.  The patch is backed with Hook velcro.

For you science types, the photolumincense is 190 mcd/lux/sq.m @ 10 min.  

Choose your base Cordura color for your Laser Cut Glow in the Dark Patch and glow color.

The photoluminscent material is very bright and does meet safety standards for glow in the dark applications, this is a novelty item and Wilde Custom Gear makes no claim or warranty on the photolumincense.    

The photoluminescent material has a matte finish and will appear off-white to a very dull green or blue during daylight.


  • 1000d Cordura
  • Hook Velcro Backing
  • Photoluminscent Material Glows in the Dark
  • 2" tall x 3.5" wide
  • 100% Made in USA