AR 10 | .308 | M1A | M14 | SCAR Magazine Pouch - 20 Round

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Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon AR 10 .308 M1A SCAR 20 round magazine pouch comes in the following configurations:

  • Single Magazine
  • Double Magazine (Side by Side)
  • Double Magazine (Double Stack)
  • Triple Magazine (Side by Side)
  • Four Magazine (Double Stack Shingle) - Hold four 20 round AR 10, .308, M1A, M14, PMAG, SCAR or other rifle magazines in a single low profile double stack quad M4 magazine pouch. This is not your ordinary double stack pouch. We have gone the extra mile by designing a pouch so each magazine sits independently of each other. No more rattling magazines together and no more loose, sloppy fit when you retrieve one mag from the pouch.
  • Six Magazine (Double Stack Shingle) - Hold six 20 round AR 10, .308, M1A, M14, PMAG, SCAR or other rifle magazines in a single low profile double stack magazine pouch. Three magazines wide, two magazines deep.


  • 1000D Construction
  • Shock cord/pull tab retention
  • Additional MOLLE webbing on front to attach additional accessories
  • Uses Tactical Tailor Long Malice Clips for attachment (included)
  • Made in USA

For belt mount applications, you may be interested in our MOLLE BELT ADAPTER.

Additional custom configurations available. Contact us for details.


Customer Reviews

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Shawn McKeag
Awesome fit

Thanks again!


Haven't had the chance to test it's durability; but it holds all six perfectly, I use the 25 round Magpul mags.

Perfect mag pouch

Bought mag punches from some others, they ripped or M1a mags required two hands to get them in or out. These pouches from Wilde Custom Gear fit the mags like quality leather gloves, easy on/in and off/out.
Thanks folks, I’ll be back for more

Tyler Lacor
Awesome as Usual

You can tell these were made by hand to order, and that means well thought out design with the correct materials and sizing. I’m utilizing these for an AR-10, a hard form factor for find good pouches for. All the better they’re available in Ranger Green! I like that these are small company made and clearly made with passion and care. They look and perform awesome.

The only quibble I have from a design standpoint is the retention tab; by no means is it bad or inadequate, but being a designer and product maker myself I would like to see a slightly less low tech retention. What I mean by that is that the magazines are retained by bungee cord passed through a double looped piece of strap material that sits on top the magazine. I’ve had the bungee loosen and become undone once (before I tightened them myself to adjust retention). There’s nothing wrong with this method but I think less mechanically inclined people might get a little lost if the bungee untied for them. It leaves some loose extra bungee cord left and it will need to be tucked in somewhere.

This is merely a small detail that as a product maker and designer I would like to see have an elegant solution for.

Anyway don’t let that stop you from buying these pouches, they feel high quality and perform fabulous. I’m happy to have a 3 pouch double, and 2 double pouches for my plate carrier! Keep at it, I hope to see this company go far!

Daniel Oelrich
Mag pouches

Poaches are built well but they got really cheap with the plastic mounting strapes had to go buy real straps