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The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Placard is an open top kangaroo style placard designed primarily for use with Wilde Custom Gear adjustable inserts.  Other industry inserts will also work.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Placard is sized to fit three large rifle magazines (308) across in a side by side configuration.  Other magazines will also fit by fitting the adjustable insert around the magazine.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Placard interior is lined with loop velcro and comes with three rifle sized adjustable inserts.  The inserts adhere to the loop velcro lining and can adjust in size from 308/M1A down to AR15 magazines.  Additional adjustable inserts are in development for smaller items, such as pistol magazines.



Laser Cut MOLLE Loop Velcro for attaching additional Velcro or MOLLE accessories.  Perfect location for our Slim Admin Pouch.


11" wide interior pocket lined with loop Velcro.  Comes with three rifle sized adjustable inserts.


Hook Velcro field for attachment to plate carriers.  Tummy Saver cover included.  

Two male side release buckles at top spaced for quick clip style compatibility.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Placard is approximately 11" wide x 5" tall.

NOTE: The Adaptive Placard DOES NOT come with the two female side release buckles on each side.  Updated photos are forthcoming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Custom placard

I contacted John about getting a custom placard with G hooks instead of buckles. It is well made and functions exactly as I wanted.

Great Quality and it looks Cool!

I got the placard in ATACS-AUX and the quality is fantastic. The velcro feels high quality, the seams are secured and I've found no frays.

I like the customization it gives with the velcro magazine sleeves, I can change them on the fly at the range to whatever I am running that day.

The pattern is great, and I can't find any flaws with the whole placard. Superb quality!

Kenneth Lyon
Probably one of the best...

Why I said "one of the best"? I owned all SS Mk3's and RDR AMP's which are great, but one thing I like the most is able to stow 3 three AR-10/AK (7.62 and 5.45) on the main compartment. The other two companies already takes 75% of the placard storage. Instead of having two velcro pockets for customizations, they give you velcro laser cut to weave ANY pouches OR use hook-velcro pouches for your rig. Sky is the limit when it comes to customizations!

Build quality is freaking amazing, couldnt find a single lose thread which I have found on Cryes G3s and G4s (it happens), so their QA/QC dept is phenomenal!

I ordered mine on A-Tacs iX because I am a degenerate ;)

Michael S.
excelent and customizeable

This is a very well made item, I cannot find any flaws with it's construction. the Velcro wraps work fine for what they are but leave a little to be desired. But it can accept most if not all of the many inserts and accessories made for the Spiritus chest rig. It can fit 4 5.56 mags across (although it is tight,) or two plus a half pocket, or a number of other combinations.