Quick Open Sled IFAK

Quick Open Sled IFAK


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Alberto Martinez
Good stuff

It can hold a USGI IFAK. Like the ability to attach MOLLE pouches on the side. It can hold more gear than it appears. Can't wait to get some good use out of it. Look forward to ordering from you again.

Alan Ragsdale
Perfect. Period.

I strapped in a DARK kit refill from darkangelmedical.com for a perfect fit.
Added to my gear belt horizontally, I can stuff a CAT7 TQ inside also, but prefer it and my med shears mounted on the top & bottom of the SLED; exactly as I envisioned.
I like my kit on the left front, easier to grab than in the back, for treating myself or others.
The size and action to open are sweet.....
I can even shoot prone with it on!

Ross S
Fit my needs perfectly

I was looking for an IFAK to mount on my external carrier for work that didn't take up a ton of horizontal space. Came across this product purely accidentally and decided to give it a try. I've been very impressed so far. Holds a set of chest seals, pressure bandage, quikclot, NPA, tourniquet, a set of shears, and a pair of gloves perfectly and just barely takes up more than two columns of webbing on the vest. Probably not going to fit much more than that in there as I had to wrestle the pouch closed but that's all I really need for my application. I especially love the quick deployment and removable insert of this pouch, which were both features I was specifically looking for. Quality is spot on yet again as with all Wilde products I own. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quickly deployable med kit.

Rafael M.
Made Excellent Material

High quality material. Its long on the cumberbun it protrudes high or low but all in all it's a great product.

Conner S.
Great products!

Couldn’t be happier!