Plate Carrier with AR500 Armor Plates

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Quick disconnects make our plate carrier very quick to put on and take off. Perfect for rapidly evolving situations.
Plate Carrier Features:

Ultra Low Profile Design
1000D Cordura
Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Removable Shoulder Pads
Quick Disconnects
Generous Amounts of MOLLE Webbing on Front and Back
100% American Made in our shop in San Diego

AR500 Armor Features:
AR500 Armor plates are a great alternative to ballistic ceramic or Kevlar alternatives. AR500 Armor plates provide a versatile, durable, multi-hit solution when considering additional protection against high-powered rifle rounds. AR500 Armor plates require no special handling or maintenance, and are a more economical and long term solution when compared to ballistic ceramic or Kevlar alternatives.
AR500 Armor uses steel that is ballistic rated and specially formulated and designed for armor applications to withstand hard impact and abrasion. AR500 Body Armor is cut and manufactured from a master of hand-picked Ballistic Grade Armor specifically designed for armored applications with a Brinell rating of 500 or better.
AR500 Trauma Plates are rated at the caliber testing of Level III, are stand alone and multi-hit capable. Level III armor is designed to protect against rifle calibers up to 7.62x51/.308 Winchester at a velocity of 2780 ft/s. Level III is rated for all lower level calibers such as .22lr, .380, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45ACP, 10mm, .357 magnum, .357 sig, and .44 magnum. In addition, AR500 Armor plates have been tested with 12 gauge one ounce slugs and 12 gauge 00 Buckshot.
Recent testing provided good results against Federal XM855/SS109 Penetrator Round (Green Tip 5.56 mm). Tests were conducted with 7 rounds at 15 yards within a 2.5" group and experienced no penetration.
AR500 Armor Trauma Plates do not have a limited shelf life. No special handling or maintenance is required. AR500 Armor is more durable and much less fragile than ceramic when it comes to general handling and storage. General use and training will not affect the integrity of AR500 Armor.
AR500 Armor plates ships with a Line-X Protective Base Coat which provides a level of spall and fragmentation mitigation properties and superior chemical, wear, water, and harsh condition resistance. Also features a hand applied high traction surface helping the plate stay in position.
AR500 Armor Curved Trauma Plate Advanced Shooters Cut (10” x 12”) provides the perfect balance between coverage and mobility. AR500 Armor maximizes both of these attributes and allows the operator to properly shoulder their rifle in a more comfortable position while providing maximum coverage.