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Malice Clip - Tactical Tailor Fight Light

Malice Clip - Tactical Tailor Fight Light


Tactical Tailor Fight Light Malice Clips are injection molded, heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that are designed to attach modular pouches to MOLLE/PALS style equipment. Fight Light Malice Clips are not affected by heat or cold, and will never corrode or lose their subdued finish. Once properly closed, the clip will not open until it is disengaged by the user using a flat tipped object such as a knife or screwdriver.

The new Fight Light Malice Clips are lighter, stronger, easier to weave, and have a slimmer standoff.

Malice clips come in Long and Short sizes. Long being 3 PALS channels tall and short being 2 channels. The short Malice clips also have a 2nd pivot point and connection point to be able to sized to replace an ALICE clip.

Tactical Tailor Malice Clips have been our preferred method of attaching MOLLE gear at Wilde Custom Gear. Wilde Custom Gear makes our tactical nylon gear compatible with Tactical Tailor Malice Clips and are proud to add the Fight Light Malice Clips to our inventory.

Installation instructions for the Fight Light Malice Clips can be found at the Tactical Tailor Website.

MALICE CLIPS are the preferred method of attachment for Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon products. We love them so much we have cut off the old traditional MOLLE connector using straps and snaps and replaced them with MALICE CLIPS.


  • Long Malice Clip: 5" long (folded)
  • Short Malice Clip: 3" long (folded)

Malice Clip Instructions

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