AR 15 Magazine Pouch - 10 Round

AR 15 Magazine Pouch - 10 Round


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Francis Schosger

They work as expected and will be ordering more in the future

Pickle Pete
Filling a market niche but...

Pros: Fills a sorely neglected market niche. Holds a 10 round mag snugly even to the point of not absolutely relying on the bungee.
The mags draw easily with no issues.
The double-stack is compact enough to make a double-stacks worth using.

Cons: The biggest issue I find is reloading the pouches in the field. The material is soft and too flexible to reliably remain open to easily slip a mag back into the pouch.

With gloves, and single handed, I for the life of me, can't easily get the mags back into the pouch. Yea, I know the dump pouch idea, but eventually you need to reload the pouches with fresh mags. Not an easy task when in the field and fully geared up.

I'm not saying these are bad, they just have limited use in my case.

Daniel Lovato
Perfect for what I needed

The cut quality and stitching are second to none. Already is use in the field and have had zero issues.

Bill Bailey
Cared For

As one of the only 10 round mag pouches (the only one I found), and with a generous selection of formats from single pouches to double stacks, any number we need and in whatever combination of formats we need them these are available in. The laser cut PALS is a welcome novel feature. Other nylon mongers only give us (and charge us extra for) 1 retention clip per pouch, WCG provides 2 premium Malice clips per pouch, really great. I am happy, I feel taken care of.

Natanael Portillo
Perfect Battle Belt Pouches!

They fit great and have good retention. They were the only 10rds mag holders i could find. The straps they come with were not was i am used too, but easy to figure out. I would buy it again, still need to test them at the range!