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Adaptive Placard - One Placard to hold AR15 308 AK47


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Great Quality and it looks Cool!

I got the placard in ATACS-AUX and the quality is fantastic. The velcro feels high quality, the seams are secured and I've found no frays.

I like the customization it gives with the velcro magazine sleeves, I can change them on the fly at the range to whatever I am running that day.

The pattern is great, and I can't find any flaws with the whole placard. Superb quality!

Kenneth Lyon
Probably one of the best...

Why I said "one of the best"? I owned all SS Mk3's and RDR AMP's which are great, but one thing I like the most is able to stow 3 three AR-10/AK (7.62 and 5.45) on the main compartment. The other two companies already takes 75% of the placard storage. Instead of having two velcro pockets for customizations, they give you velcro laser cut to weave ANY pouches OR use hook-velcro pouches for your rig. Sky is the limit when it comes to customizations!

Build quality is freaking amazing, couldnt find a single lose thread which I have found on Cryes G3s and G4s (it happens), so their QA/QC dept is phenomenal!

I ordered mine on A-Tacs iX because I am a degenerate ;)

Michael S.
excelent and customizeable

This is a very well made item, I cannot find any flaws with it's construction. the Velcro wraps work fine for what they are but leave a little to be desired. But it can accept most if not all of the many inserts and accessories made for the Spiritus chest rig. It can fit 4 5.56 mags across (although it is tight,) or two plus a half pocket, or a number of other combinations.