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The Backup Pistol Pouch is designed by law enforcement officers as a convenient method to conceal and carry a back up pistol in plain sight.
The Backup Pistol Pouch solves the problem of conveniently carrying a back up pistol. The external pouch design allows the user to place it wherever they desire.

The Backup Pistol Pouch conceals small to mid-size pistols in our propriety adjustable holster inside an easy access zippered pouch.

The Backup Pistol pouch includes our propriety holster that allows the user to adjust to a perfect fit for small to mid-size semi-auto pistols. The holster secures inside the Backup Pistol Pouch via additional hook and loop to allow the user to adjust the positioning and draw angle of the pistol.

The Backup Pistol Pouch attaches via laser cut MOLLE on the back with Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (included).


  • 1000d construction
  • Zippered top with two zipper pulls
  • Loop velcro lining inside pouch
  • Adjustable holster for small to mid-size semi-auto pistols
  • Includes pouch, holster, and two Tactical Tailor Malice Clips.
  • Dimensions 8" wide x 6" tall

Firearm is not included. Shown for reference only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Surprisingly Awesome.

I had never considered carrying a backup handgun on my plate carrier before, but I was for a long time looking for a way of carrying a handgun on my plate carrier in the case I wasn't wearing my belt and drop holster setup. Most molle holsters are either kydex or crap universal holsters that aren't friendly to having a red dot mounted on your handgun without modification. I was ordering a round of pouches from Wilde for a new plate carrier and I saw this and figured it was worth trying.

Long story short, this pouch fits my XDm 10mm OSP with a 16 round mag and a Holosun perfectly. I had a free spot (6 molle spaces) and I mounted it under my right arm, on my belt and it sits above my drop holster and doesn't interfere with my draw. I gave it four stars because the velcro pistol mount that comes with the pouch did not ship with it and I am still waiting for it to arrive. I used some existing velcro to mount my handgun for the time being and sits well.

Did some trainging these past weekends running drills and the pouch is well made, velcro holds strong and there is surprisingly no movement of the handgun while I am running or sprinting. My setup is pretty simple, three double mag pouches under my left arm, three doubles across the front, backup pistol pouch and ifak under my right, keeping my back free for my pack.

Paul Stahls

Backup Pistol Pouch

I like it a lot

This is really good… from my usage so far I think it could be improved with a thicker material or maybe a leather bottom to the pouch, printing occurs with subcompact. The Velcro holster is good but a bit softer than I’d like it to be for covering a trigger. I’ve got a holosun and tlr7 sub that fits into this just about perfectly.

Scott D.
It works great.

If you keep the velcro "holster" at 45 degrees, it will fit a Sig P320 Compact easily. If you change the angle up to about 75 degrees, it will easily accommodate the P320 CARRY, the Sig 229, and the Sig P320 Compact with Red Dot.

Christopher Schaller
Excellent Pouch

This Pouch as been exactly what I needed after contacting the owner and having the pouch altered to a vertical configuration. I would definitely do business here again.