AR 10 | .308 | M1A | M14 Magazine Pouch - 20 Round

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Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon AR 10 .308 M1A 20 round magazine pouch comes in the following configurations:

  • Single Magazine
  • Double Magazine (Side by Side)
  • Double Magazine (Double Stack)
  • Triple Magazine (Side by Side)
  • Four Magazine (Double Stack Shingle) - Hold four 20 round AR 10, .308, M1A, M14, PMAG, or other rifle magazines in a single low profile double stack quad M4 magazine pouch. This is not your ordinary double stack pouch. We have gone the extra mile by designing a pouch so each magazine sits independently of each other. No more rattling magazines together and no more loose, sloppy fit when you retrieve one mag from the pouch.
  • Six Magazine (Double Stack Shingle) - Hold six 20 round AR 10, .308, M1A, M14, PMAG, or other rifle magazines in a single low profile double stack M4 magazine pouch. Three magazines wide, two magazines deep.


  • 1000D Construction
  • Shock cord/pull tab retention
  • Additional MOLLE webbing on front to attach additional accessories
  • Uses Tactical Tailor Long Malice Clips for attachment (included)
  • Made in USA

For belt mount applications, you may be interested in our MOLLE BELT ADAPTER.

Additional custom configurations available. Contact us for details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Jacob Blum
Soft mag pouches

I like them and hold mags firmly but I feel like the sewing could improve, not that anything is coming undone but in-between each pouch section there's a gap we're it's not sewn. If it was sewn on both corners of of the mag pouch facing inward it would probably be easier to get the mags back in

Erik Tong
Great pouches

These will fit Haley mp2 inserts and with the retention adjusted with the insert (heating them up and bending em out) they can fit 5.56 mags well! I would recommend these as I run 7.62x39 ak mags, 308 pmags, and 5.56 mags in them with the insert. I did local pick up and they were able to have the pouch read the next day. Great service and great quality.

Christian Maltese

Really nice 308 shingle, fits both my 25 rd 308 pmags with the mag assist on. The OG mag assists too, not the ranger plates. I keep one shingle on my belt, another 25 rd in the gun and 3 20 rds on my chest. My only advice is use shorter malice clips If putting on a belt as they come with long ones.

Jon Jarosz
Finally something that works

THIS WILL FIT MAGPUL 25-ROUNDERS. My lifelong quest is complete. Every damned website I have tried, every product has been lies lies lies. Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you this is legit.

Tony Moreno
Hell of a product from a company that gives a hoot and a half

It should go without saying that there is a vast difference between seeing products online sight unseen and holding the item, feeling the quality and hearing the words of the chief behind the product firsthand. Being relatively local to the area I had the pleasure of stopping by the storefront and meeting Mr. Wilde himself. What was an impromptu visit to see what I was buying became a personable conversation with someone that believes in their products and avidly seeks to innovate for those in service to their community and country or those heading to the range. Many companies throw items at their audience knowing what will stick due to the advent of social media and influencers peddling their goods without a care in regard to the quality or the niche they seek to fill. Not this company. To many, this is a review for “a pouch” though I wouldn’t be doing it justice by referring to it as “just” that. The quality is in the details from the high quality fabrics in a multitude of genuine camouflage offerings, custom configurations, laser cut MOLLE, the included malice clips and above all, Made in the USA! There are many nuances that the gear aficionados plinking on the weekend or those in service seeking gear that will outlast their needs and hold up to the rugged nature of duty will appreciate and come back for time and time again. For those looking for high end gear with substance, look no further than Wilde Custom Gear.