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The Wilde Custom Gear Modular Plate Carrier -Tactik Buckle Quick Release Cummerbund - is a custom configurable MOLLE based load bearing plate carrier for your ceramic plates. The Wilde Custom Gear Modular Plate Carrier -Tactik Buckle Quick Release Cummerbund - is part of our Modular system that allows you quickly switch the Modular MOLLE Placard based on your mission needs.

Situations can rapidly change and the Wilde Custom Gear Modular Plate Carrier - Tactik Buckle Quick Release Cummerbund - can adapt to various needs with the ability to rapidly swap the front Modular MOLLE Placard. One Modular MOLLE Placard can be set up for patrol duties with a second Modular MOLLE Placard set up with rifle magazines in response to an active shooter situation.

TIME IS CRITICAL. The Modular MOLLE Placard takes only seconds to swap.

The Modular MOLLE Placard also clips in to our Modular Chest Rig Conversion Kit to provide an instant chest rig that can be used over your existing vest carrier or as a stand-alone chest rig.

The Modular MOLLE Placard also clips in to our Modular Vest Carrier.

One Modular MOLLE Placard fits multiple platforms.

Multiple Modular MOLLE Placards fits multiple needs.

True modularity between platforms.


  • Laser cut MOLLE top to bottom.
  • Laser cut MOLLE Loop Velcro field for name tape, badges, identifier or other accessories. The laser cut MOLLE loop slots also serve as radio microphone attachment points.
  • Two ITW Nexus Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) buckles for attachment of the Modular MOLLE Placard.
  • The Modular MOLLE Placard features 6 columns and 5 rows of laser cut MOLLE slots. The Modular MOLLE Placard has two side release buckles at the top the clip in to the ITW Nexus QASM buckles.
  • The Modular MOLLE Placard features four side webbing attachment points. These allow the Modular MOLLE Placard to be converted to a chest rig with our Modular Chest Rig Shoulder and Waist strap.
  • The Modular MOLLE Placard is hook Velcro backed to secure the cummerbund to the front.


  • Mil-Spec Webbing drag handle, with internal webbing and stitching reinforcements.
  • Loop Velcro panel for identification patches.
  • Pass through to allow for cummerbund expansion and adjustment.


  • Five laser cut MOLLE rows.
  • The cummerbund opens at the top and secures with hook and loop. This provides additional storage and can be used to insert side armor plates.
  • Heavy duty elastic cord is used to join the cummerbund together under the pass through which allows for expansion during activity. The cord is easily adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • The cummerbund is secured to the vest via hook and loop in the front. The Modular MOLLE Placard uses hook and loop to lock the cummerbund in place. 
  • Duraflex Tactik Buckle by National Molding incorporates an anti-break locking system and includes a beaded lanyard pull for disengaging the buckle. The two pieces mate in a way similar to two fists interlocking at the fingers.  A pull away from the body disengages the two pieces.  A very natural and intuitive movement.  The two pieces snap back together with ease.


  • Adjustable Mil-Spec webbing shoulder straps with hook and loop closure allow for perfect fit.
  • Laser Cut MOLLE Shoulder Pads wrap around the webbing shoulder straps and provide padding, additional MOLLE slots, and creates a pass through for running hydration tubes or communications wiring from back to front.

We know that comfort, quality and function are paramount when considering gear for extended wear. We have designed and manufactured the best option in ballistic panel comfort with our Modular Plate Carrier. 

The Modular Plate Carrier is made with 1000D Cordura for maximum durability, abrasion resistance, and appearance.

Custom matching laser cut identification patches and name tapes available at additional cost.

100% Made in USA by Americans.


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