Modular Laser Cut MOLLE Chest Rig Base Platform

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The Wilde Custom Gear Modular Chest Rig Base Platform is a laser cut 1000D nylon base that attaches to the Modular Chest Rig Shoulder and Waist Straps. Extra Modular Chest Rig Base Platforms can be configured for different requirement and can be swapped out in seconds.

The front of the Modular Chest Rig Base Platform features 8 MOLLE columns and 5 MOLLE rows (approximately 13” wide and 6” tall).

The back of the Modular Chest Rig Base Platform has a zippered top that allows access to the entire inside of the base platform for additional storage.

The back of the Modular Chest Rig Base Platform also features a covered Velcro patch for the attachment of drop accessories (coming soon).

The four side release buckles tuck away under four strips of elastic to provide a clean front appearance to convert the Modular Chest Rig Base Platform into a placard for use on the Wilde Custom Gear Modular Vest Carrier and Wilde Custom Gear Modular Plate Carrier (coming soon).

Customer Reviews

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If you’re a SAW Gunner you need this

Anyone who runs a SAW should have one of these so you can fit two drum pouches up front without having to compress them in to fit a 6x placard. Best case you ask them to customize it to work with spear tubes like I did.

Excellent craftsmanship

I have tried a few other sources for my 20 capacity mags in .308 and they were either too crude or too weak or both. This Wilde unit with 3 pockets is well thought out. My heavy mags held very well while I was boucing and rolling around in rough terrain, acess easily when the time came - without tugging. The material choice and design makes all the difference. Someone did a lot of trial and error to get this right. This unit also has a sizable extra pocket, zippered, behind the mags (close to the chest) Overall he construction is solid, detailed. Like everything from Wilde. Price is right too and lead time was about two weeks. I’m writing this with a thumbs up to save you some time and any hesitation. Nothing else comes close.

Bob S

The quality and design of these chest rig bases/placards is excellent (the best I've worked with so far). In particular, the coyote brown version is a thing of beauty. It has a golden sheen when the light catches it just right - it's just too pretty to take into the brush (even the toughest guy in the neighborhood will agree). The heavy duty zipper (kangaroo) pouch, tuck tabs for the side clips, and Velcro cover/protector combine to create a "no compromises" option for your gear setup.

Pat 11A DRT (RSTA)
Compact and Efficient

If you are looking to keep it simple and have it all this is for you. Do you like internal map pockets to store your protractor, map sheet, and smart books? Well this little honey has it for ya bud. Easily mount a shingle or mag pouches, don't worry about that med pouch my Son, just run a waist pack with room for that and your NVDs. Who uses canteens these days, just toss a hydration pack on and you can use that sucker in lieu of a harness for the rig. Boom done! There you go boys now you have a fully functional combat kit fit for the finest reconnaissance or door kicking missions. Does it integrate well with armor? You bet your straight leg, ruck humping ass it does. What isn't to like on this guy......? No seriously, tell me one thing....