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Adaptive Chest Rig - Wilde Custom Gear

Adaptive Chest Rig


The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig is an open top kangaroo style chest rig designed primarily for use with Wilde Custom Gear adjustable inserts.  Other industry inserts will also work.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig is placard based and sized to fit three large rifle magazines (308) across in a side by side configuration.  Other magazines will also fit by fitting the adjustable insert around the magazine.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig interior is lined with loop velcro and comes with three rifle sized adjustable inserts.  The inserts adhere to the loop velcro lining and can adjust in size from 308/M1A down to AR15 magazines.  Additional adjustable inserts are in development for smaller items, such as pistol magazines.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig Shoulder Straps are 2” wide to comfortably distribute the load and feature additional laser cut MOLLE slots for attaching pouches and accessories. The Adaptive Chest Rig Shoulder Straps attach to the Adaptive Chest Rig Base Platform with side release buckles allowing for size adjustment and quick donning and doffing.

The Adaptive Chest Rig Shoulder Straps can be used in the stock X configuration, or in the H configuration with the additional H configuration adapter (sold separately).



Laser Cut MOLLE Loop Velcro for attaching additional Velcro or MOLLE accessories.  Perfect location for our Slim Admin Pouch.


11" wide interior pocket lined with loop Velcro.  Comes with three rifle sized adjustable inserts.


Hook Velcro field for attachment to plate carriers.  Tummy Saver cover included.  

Two male side release buckles at top spaced for quick clip style compatibility.

Two female side release buckles on each side for attachment of Chest Rig shoulder straps and waist strap.

The Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig placard is approximately 11" wide x 5" tall.

Customer Reviews

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Needs larger waist option

I got this recently, it’s a great chest rig. The only thing is that I wish there was an option for a larger waist option for us husky individuals.