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The Wilde Custom Gear Shotgun Card is designed for easy storage and quick access to your 12 gauge shotgun ammunition.
The Wilde Custom Gear Shotgun Card securely holds six rounds of 12 gauge ammunition on a stiffened card with heavy duty elastic loops. The shotgun card features hook Velcro backing and a pull tab for easy attachment and rapid changing of cards.
Adhesive loop Velcro (not included) can be applied to your shotgun stock to mount the card to provide a side saddle system that provides quick access to additional 12 gauge ammunition.
The Wilde Custom Gear Shotgun Card is designed to fit in our AR15 30 round magazine pouch for easy storage and quick access.

100% Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Travis Howard
Great product!

Sturdy and well made. For a handcrafted item delivery was super fast.

Edward Hernandez
Tough and light weight

As described and great quality product as with all there products! The gear this outfit produces is nothing short of great quality!

Kevin Cetin
High quality

The shotgun cards were better then expected in terms of quality. They seem very well made and preform flawlessly. I look forward to doing business again.

David T.
Solid product. Fast shipping.


Harold Ramirez
Nice and Sturdy

I liked the product, the velcro is firm and the elastic holds the shell really tight, I'm confident that I will not be losing rounds to the ground. This product could be further improved by making the base a little more rigid. The reason is because if you load the card without being affixed to the velcro matte side, the card will conform the round shape of the shells. So when you install the card into the velcro matte, the card will be only be held by 6 highest points of each round when the shells are, as oppossed to there entire surface. This means that the hold card may not be fully attached to the gun if you are not careful enought to press hard to afflix.