MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor

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The Wilde Custom Gear MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor is a low profile solution that provides a MOLLE platform for mounting MOLLE gear at a 45 degree angle.  The MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor is ideally suited for pistol holsters and taser holsters to provide a more natural draw angle of 45 degrees.  

The Wilde Custom Gear MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor uses 1000D Cordura with laser cut MOLLE slits to provide two rows and three columns of MOLLE webbing.

The Wilde Custom Gear MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor comes in two configurations:

  • Right Handed - configured to cant the MOLLE panel toward the right side of the body.  Good for right handed draw.
  • Left Handed - configured to cant the MOLLE panel toward the left side of the body.  Good for left handed draw.

The Wilde Custom Gear MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor attaches with three Tactical Tailor Short Malice Clips (Included).


  • 1000D Construction
  • Laser Cut MOLLE
  • Two Columns / Three Rows MOLLE webbing

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan Meinecke
Very well built

The angle and construction are very well done. The only issue I have is the connection of the adaptor to the molle flap allows for a little movement. I think a more rigid malice clip combined a rigid back panel with Velcro would help create a rigid adapter and offer more stability.

Chris The Hunter
Simple and Made Well

This adaptor panel is made really well with robust materials and stitching. Although simple things can be made complex, this adaptor panel is a simple design executed really well.

Wayne Gittelman
The 45 degree MOLLE adapter works great!

This 45 degree adapter made it simple to mount my knife sheath to the front of my plate carrier. It was extremely easy to install but is firmly affixed. I carry a large knife so this was the solution to the problem of affixing it to my carrier without it getting in the way of the rifle magazines. Can't recommend this enough.

Richard Martinez

MOLLE 45 Degree Adaptor

Excellent solution for multiple items

I purchased several of these in both angles to experiment with mags, blades and other quick access items. So far the most impressive was the angled mags when pulled from a light chest rig. It provides more stability over the standard vertical direction and does not pull the whole kit upwards.