Product Lead Times

Product Lead Times

Thank you for your interest and/or purchase of our products. We have grown considerably over the years thanks to the incredible customer support. That growth is double-edged. We have been able to employ an extremely talented crew that strives for excellence daily. We develop the highest quality sewn goods for our military, law enforcement, and civilian customers. Unfortunately, we also experience delays due to order volume.

We do not buy gear from factories overseas and sew our label in it.

We do not have cargo containers full of overseas gear to pick from.

We manufacture every piece of gear in our own facility.

We operate several different selling channels (retail store, online website sales, agency purchase, contract manufacturing) which all contribute to our workload.
We never show items “out of stock” because we make them in-house, but our stock levels change daily.

We attempt to give an estimated lead time on our website for online orders. That lead is an estimate only. Multiple different factors affect our lead time. Actual lead times could be 3-4 weeks depending on the item and workload.

Some items are less complicated and quick to make, while other more complicated items take considerably longer.

We offer many different color/camouflage options, as well as configuration options (such as magazine pouches), which make it difficult to keep every configuration and color/camouflage pattern in stock every day.

Once your order is received and is in stock, we pull it and ship it quickly. If it is not in stock, we cut your items(s) and send it to the sewing station. That is where the lead time affects your ship time.

MOLLE Safe Panel Door Organizers are custom made and each one is made to order. The lead time is normally 3-4 weeks for that product and the lead time is located on the product page.

We work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will not cut corners or sacrifice quality. Sometimes your item(s) ship time may be beyond our projected lead time on the homepage. We apologize for the delay but rest assured, your item(s) are cut and are in the sewing queue. We will often run a batch of an item that we are low on to keep stock levels. Your order may fall into that batch.

Once your order is sewn it moves to the shipping station. You will receive another email with tracking as soon as your order ships.

We love communicating with our customers, but we cannot always answer individual questions regarding shipping timelines. It can take an excessive amount of time to search through dozens of orders to find a single order. If you need a product by a certain date for a specific reason (duty, deployment, competition, class, etc.) please let us know. We make ask for documentation verifying the need-by-date to avoid abuse of this request.

We hope this sheds some light on our process and explains the reasons for lead time. We wanted to be as transparent as possible to let you know how things are done and why there may be an extended lead time beyond what is published on the home page.

We appreciate the continued support!


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