New Holster Design for Taser X2 X26 and X26P - Wilde Custom Gear

Low Profile MOLLE Taser X26 X26P Holster - Wilde Custom Gear

Wilde Custom Gear has developed new holster designs for the Taser X2 X26 and X26P.  We have utilized a wraparound design that provides a more custom fit.  The adjustable wraparound design provides a more secure platform and allows for even more adustability for the draw tension.

The Wilde Custom Gear Taser holsters are the lowest profile solutions available and are available in a wide variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns to match your departments uniform requirements. 

Click HERE for more information on the Wilde Custom Gear Taser X2 X26 and X26P Holsters.

Wilde Custom Gear New Taser X26 X26P MOLLE Holster



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