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Limited Edition Camo Pattern - Current Pattern December 2021 - Green Frogskin Camo

John Wilde

Posted on November 18 2021

Limited Edition Camo Pattern - Current Pattern  December 2021 - Green Frogskin Camo

Limited Edition Camo Pattern - Current Pattern December 2021 - Green Frogskin Camo


Tactical Duffel Bag Green Frogskin Wilde Custom GearGoliath Large Admin Pouch Green Frogskin Wilde Custom GearMuzzle Scope Cover Green Frogskin Wilde Custom GearModular Laser Cut MOLLE Chest Rig Frogskin Wilde Custom GearHanger Downer Lower Abdominal Pouch Frogskin Wilde Custom GearAR15 30 Round Magazine Pouch Frogskin Wilde Custom GearPadded Single Point Sling Frogskin Wilde Custom Gear

The Green Frogskin pattern was the United States military's first attempt at disruptive coloration camouflage.  In 1942, the Marine Raiders were the first issued the Frog Skin uniform, which was later discontinued by U.S. Forces.  


We are brining in hard to find camo fabric and our inventory of these patterns will constantly change.

These camo patterns will be offered only as long as our fabric supply lasts.

In an attempt to serve everyone, we will be offering our most popular gear items in these patterns on a per-order basis.  When the fabric is gone, it's gone and we will stop the order process for that particular pattern.

We anticipate brining in a wide variety of different patterns and we encourage you to check back regularly to see what the pattern is.

To order, visit our Limited Edition page for the items offered.  

We understand the photos may not be of the gear in the Limited Edition Camo pattern.  The photos are representative of the design, not the pattern.  Every effort will be made to upload photos of the gear in the pattern.  With very limited stock the gear may be already out of stock before photos can be taken.

If you see one of our items not listed that you would like made in the current Limited Edition Camo Pattern, send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Act fast.  Once the fabric is gone, it's gone!

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